A guide to garden water features

Whether it is warm or cold outside I look in my garden and I am proud of my water feature. In fact, I am very proud. The slight patter of the water as it hits the surface, it acts as a mirror to the sun. And also it attracts a lot of wildlife, giving m garden a lot of character. I’ve worked with many homeowners over the years and it appears that more and more people are realizing the benefits of a water feature now more than ever.

But with anything in life diving in is not always the best answer. In this article we give you a few points to consider when planning out your water feature.waterFeature2

Water feature safety

Safety first is always key. So think about who will be using your garden. Do you have small children or toddlers? If so maybe it’s best to wait a couple of years until they are old enough to understand the dangers. Does your next door neighbor have any small children? If so this may not be a factor stopping you from implementing a water feature, however you may want to speak to your neighbor just in case the kids decide to wander over!

You can use a fence as a control and this is what the majority of people do. And also another option is to use a fence. Otherwise maybe if you go for something like a bubble fountain it may be a less risky option.

Choosing a featurewaterFeature

It’s not always straight forward when choosing a water feature. This is something you don’t want to rush. Sometimes the idea may come to your head straight away. For others it may take months of research and conversations with the wife or husband. A goof gardener can help you decide, especially from a practical perspective. Generally it comes down to taste and style, however there are other practical things you must know. For instance, the size and types of filter you may need, and how deep to dig. The list goes on, get a gardeners advice!

Pond maintenance

waterefeature3Most water features generally don’t require a lot of maintenance. However if you have a pond it’s slightly a different story. The more fish you have the more quickly your pond will become dirty. It’s good to have a clean pond in general. Doing small things such as using a skimmer to remove the leaves and cleaning the filter will determine how often you need to clean it. Keeping plants in the waters should save you some cleaning as they compete with the algae for sunlight.