Lighting ideas for your bedroom

In the day you want a light bedroom. In the evening you may want a light bedroom still. At night you want a dark bedroom. In the early hours of the morning you may want a dark bedroom, but this last scenario is personal choice. This article gives tips on bedroom lighting.


Lighting controls with smart phone

Get up to date with the new technology. The technology is there to make our lives easier. It’s the middle of the night and the baby wakes up. A swipe of your phone could get the lights on for you without you having to move out of the bed! There are numerous scenarios where smart phone lighting comes in handy. So consider this option.

Consider LED Spotlights

Spotlight LEDs ensure that the whole room is lit evenly if implemented effectively. LEDs are an efficient way to illuminate your room and you can purchase them in the majority of furniture shops or supermarkets. However sometimes LEDs can be difficult to replace in comparison to the standard bulbs that you just have to unscrew. Nevertheless LEDs are an important option to consider.

Think about the Novels

You may read every day. Or you may hardly read at all. But there comes a time in everyone’s life when they come across a novel that they can’t put down. You get into your bed and you have no choice but to continue reading. You are too excited and are enjoying it too much. Think about these situations when choosing your lights. Get something that is easy to switch off and that gives you enough light without you having to strain your eyes.

Be You

Don’t forget that it’s your bedroom. This is your personal space. This is the area of the house which is totally private. So be yourself. If there is something wacky that you would like then go with something wacky. Don’t be anyone but yourself in this circumstance. It’s important that in your bedroom you can feel relaxed and you have a clear sense of ownership.

10 Marketing Tips for Waste Clearance businesses in 2017

This article lists 10 marketing tips for waste clearance businesses in 2017. Please note that if you are not yet signed up to the Taskaway App you are already missing out on potential customers!

1.      Image is Key for waste clearance

Ever looked at a plate of food and thought ‘That doesn’t look nice I’m not eating that!’? Well it’s the same for your business. You want customers to look at your business and straight away see that you provide quality and that you are trustworthy. So if you are creating flyers, make sure they are decent quality, clear and concise. If you have a van, make sure the van is clean, and it clearly articulates what your business does. If you have a website, make sure your website has a respectable name, a good layout, and is easy to understand. You don’t want a customer to look at any of your content and say ‘that looks old’ or ‘that doesn’t look nice’.


2.      “Tell your friends about our waste clearance business”

No, I don’t mean tell your friends! I mean ask customers to tell their friends. Word of mouth will always be one of the most effective methods of marketing. Sometimes in this world if you don’t ask you don’t get. A trick which can be used is to buy promotional items that you can give to your customers, which they can then pass on. For instance, I used to give away pens to my customers which contained my companies logo. I would then sometimes receive calls from their friends who may have borrowed their pen. Simple things like this make a difference and can help you secure your next job without even trying!

3.      SMS Marketing

So a friend of mine did some plumbing for me. When he arrived at the scene he assessed the work and asked me to fill in a few contact details. I filled in the form which included my phone number. I didn’t have an issue filling out the contact information as I was a customer of his. Your customers are likely to think in the same fashion. A few months later I received a text message asking if I would like my boiler to be serviced. Although I didn’t accept as my boiler had recently been serviced I can see that this technique was very powerful. It probably was largely automated from his side. Also, even though I didn’t want my boiler to be serviced, if a friend was looking for a plumber I was much more likely to recommend him as he was in the forefront of my mind. Implementing SMS into your marketing plan can really help start conversations which lead to more business.

4.      Facebook Posts

As you might already be aware, Facebook is a powerful marketing tool. The question is: How can I use Facebook to market my waste clearance business? The trick with Facebook is to begin by posting good quality and relevant content as regular as you can. So if you are a plumber, post a picture of yourself in a kitchen working. Or post a pick of yourself digging up a burst pipe. The trick is to post things that you may see as an everyday activity with some text describing what you are doing. If you do this regularly you will notice that people on your Facebook list will begin to contact you when they need a plumber. There are many schools of thought that talk about posting everyday, or three times a day, however this is not recommended. The number one rule is to post good quality images that tell a story about how you approach your trade.

Marketing waste clearance businesses on Linkedin

5.      Linkedin

Many builders I know think that Linkedin is just for professionals who work in an office. They don’t know that you can use LinkedIn to get more customers for Waste Clearance businesses. I’ve heard it too many times and in some ways it Is true. Yes there are a lot of office workers on Linkedin. But aren’t these prospective customers? There are also business owners on Linkedin, maybe they are also prospective customers. The density of content is a lot less on Linkedin so you find that your posts go a lot further. Also posting with just text can be a lot more effective on Linkedin than on other platforms. Posting a picture with some text can do wonders. Make sure you have a professional looking Linkedin Account with a professional photo, and with a good profile description.

6.      Use Taskaway

Taskaway is designed to get you leads. If you are a Tradesmen and you are not on Taskaway I would recommend you download the App and get on straight away. You can list your services on the app and they appear whenever a local customer searches for them. Homeowners looking for Tradesmen go straight to Taskaway as its quick and very easy to use. You can chat with the homeowners through the app, and they also leave feedback which helps build your profile.


If you haven’t already I would suggest using Some of the older customers still use the yellow pages and there really isn’t any point missing out a demographic which may need your help!

8.      Great Customer Service

People think that this is a way of doing business but also it forms part of the service you are providing. Turn up to your appointments early, don’t get appointments mixed up. Be clear and transparent about anything that is going wrong or anything that has went wrong. These simple points will encourage customers to spread the message about your business, as these are the things that customers respect and appreciate.

9.      Google ads

Some say that Google AdWords are difficult to be successful with. If you are just starting out then there are a few concepts you have to learn but once you There is a myth that you have to spend a lot of be successful. My advice is to have a very clear goal for what you want to achieve, and be as specific as possible when targeting prospective customers. Review the campaigns regularly and if they are not making you money after a few months then cancel them.

10. Flyers

Flyers work. People keep flyers that they think may be useful in the future. There are times when I have implemented a campaign involving flyers and it’s surprising how many people may not contact you straight away, but they will contact you. With suppliers you can target specific geographical areas with ease. Also a trick is to sometimes deliver the flyers yourself in the late afternoon/evening. Delivering flyers yourself gives you the opportunity to meet prospective customers face to face. Finally consider having a promotion on your flyers. Offering small discount for referring a friend can encourage prospective customers to be your ambassadors.

This article lists 10 marketing tips for waste clearance businesses in 2017. Please note that if you are not yet signed up to the Taskaway App you are already missing out on potential customers! I hope you enjoyed the article. Please follow our blog to get additional information. Alternatively get in touch with us at

Tips for preventing and treating clothes moths

We’ve all had clothes with moths in before. It’s not nice and there are things you can do to treat them. This article lists 5 easy tips for preventing and treating clothes moths.

  1. Lavender

Clothes moths really hate lavender. There is the first and best tip! Get on to the lavender craze. It’s a great way of preventing clothes moths. There are different products you can get but start with one at least and see how it goes!


  1. Pheromone traps

Animals are animals. Insects are insects. These moths are attracted to pheromones so you can use that to your advantage. Capture them in sticky pheromone traps. Then you just pass by with the vacuum cleaner and pat yourself on the back.

  1. Wood or laminate flooring

Wood and laminate flooring is a lot cleaner. Less area for the moths to hide. Easier to spot dust in general. Then you sweep and mop the floor after. Obviously don’t put tonnes of water on it but enough to get rid of the dust. This will help prevent the moths from hanging around. Also less dust is always better.

  1. Replace your wardrobe with chain mail and suits of armor

Moths can’t eat metal. So many moth fighters are going down the route of metal wardrobes. Listen I didn’t want to put this one in, because I like my classic wardrobes. However a lot of people are doing this so now you know!

  1. Vacuum storage bags

Everyone should know about vacuum storage bags. You fill these bags with clothes you don’t use very often then use a special vacuum to suck all the air out. It shrinks the contents and stops the moths from coming in.

  1. Sprays

Obviously you can spray! Come on guys do I need to tell you this! Actually pointing out the obvious is important. However we don’t want to be spraying our house all day every day. So try the above first before using spray to get rid of the moths.