Should you charge your battery overnight?

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Most people plug their phone in overnight. Simply because its the longest time period where you won’t use it. Taskaway have teamed up with Electrical Installationz – quality Electricians serving the West Midlands. They have put together a great blog on charging you phone overnight. Along with some great safety tips for charging your phone in general.

Please check out the full blog here!

Safety Advice for charging your mobile phone

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Shed vs. Summerhouse

The shed has always been a standard feature in the majority of gardens in the UK. We dump our tools in there, we dump clothes in there, or some of us arrange our things very nicely in there. But things are changing, sheds are no more a standard feature. Sheds are normally the area of the house the man can use to store items related to his hobbies. For example a model railway set or a miniature pub.


The summer house has never been as popular as the shed until this point. Right now there is serious competition. It is attracting more men who are happy to store the tools wherever they can indoors in order to benefit from an additional outdoor room that improves the value of the home. It also extends the time that you can spend in the garden each year. It can be used as a casual office, a play area, or even an area to dine in.

Deciding on whether you want to have a summerhouse or a shed depends on what you actually want to do in your garden. Thus we recommend start with what you need. Then it will become clear which road you should take. Either way as with any choice with the house we recommend you do your research as much as possible to get the best thing for your needs.

Prices go up in line with the size and with sturdiness. Most of these items will also need you to lay a shallow foundation beforehand. If you are unfamiliar with Summer Houses we recommend you visit a friends or families first in summer and in winter to understand how they function and check that they are right for you.

New Stamp Duty Rates Announced in Wales

Yes its finally happened. The Welsh government have announced changes to the Stamp Duty tax for homebuyers in the country. This article talks about the key differences and what it means for the people of Wales. These new rates will come into play in 2018.
First thing they have done is increased the first stamp duty threshold from a house valuation of 125,000 to 150000. So now there is no stamp duty if you buy a house up to 150,000. So this is good news for first time home buyers. They can have more choice than previously and not expect to have to fork out 2% for stamp duty. We consider this a good move by the Welsh government.
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The next bracket of homes valued up to 250,000 are taxed at 2.5%. This is an increase of 0.5% compared to the current tax rate. So this is sad news for potential buyers in this bracket.
As previously purchases between 250,000 and 400,000 are taxed at the same rate of 5%. So if you are purchasing houses within this range you are not affected by the changes in Stamp Duty.
However houses above 400,000 will be charged a stamp duty of 7.5%. This is up from 5% in the current situation. And things then get worse if you are earning between 750,000 and 925,000. In the current plan this group would be taxed at 5%, but going forward in the new plan this tax has doubled to 10%.
Finally and quite strangely it seems that for houses above 1.5m there has been no change in tax.
So overall we see a tax breaks for the houses between 125,000 and 150,000. Which is very much welcomed. This falls in line with the average house price in Wales which is saif to be around 150,000. Hence this is considered a strong and affective move. However it seems that the middle to upper class striving to own a home between 400,000 and 925,000 is a lot worse off under this new system. Especially if you are purchasing a house between 750,000 and 925,000. Finally as they saying goes ‘The fat cats always seem to win’. Houses above £1.5m are not affected, no increase, and no decrease. They still pay 12% as normal.
Are you affected by these changes? If so please get in touch we would love to hear from you!

Tips for Tumble Dryer Safety

Tumble Dryers can be dangerous

Tumble dryers can be very dangerous. You may have heard of dryers catching fire over the last few years, and this is with major trusted brands too!

Electrical Installationz operate in the West Midlands area and are experts on Electrical Safety in the home. They have provided a great article on safety on purchasing and using tumble dryers. The full article can be found here


5 tips for when you are viewing a house to buy

Buying a house is very exciting, but buying a house is also scary for many. It’s sort of like having a tattoo. Something you can change but you have to go through a lot of effort, so it’s best to make the right decision first! This article give you tips when you are going to view a house to buy. Use these then thank me later!


1) View the property in bad weather

Anywhere can look good on a glorious summer day. That’s why it’s called a glorious summer day! But when it’s a bit miserable outside you want to know that the house will still smile at you when you get home after a hard day at work! So it’s a good idea to view the property in bad weather.

2) Don’t be shy

Follow your instincts. Ask whatever question comes to your head. It’s better to find out now then to find out that the noise was actually a leak coming from the roof after you bought the property! This is going to be your pride and joy so ask all the questions you want. There are no stupid questions!

3) Pay attention to location

The property may be close to a train track. Ask yourself what this means. The property may be close to a football stadium, ask yourself what this means. The property may be very far from a bus stop, ask yourself what this means. Ask yourself as many questions about the location as possible. Think about the different scenarios possible.

4) Look for a south-facing or east/west facing property

What is a south facing or east/west facing property? It’s a property which gets some sunlight. You don’t want to be in a house like Golem (the character from Lord of the Rings). No you want to have some sunlight so you can pop the kettle on and be proud. Ask the homeowner about it, take your compass with you, but make sure you get to the bottom of the sunlight situation!

5) Check the parking

Just check the parking. You don’t want to faff about every evening getting a parking space. Check the parking and specifically ask the question.