This is related to the Plan your Roadmap leads. Please click the link for more détails.

Taskaway turns customer voicenotes into a list of tasks, and recommends one supplier for each task. This list is then emailed to the Customer, and is also sent in the post. Hence this is very targeted advertising.

Why use our leads?

Our leads are very high quality. When you accept to take a lead we send your details to the Customer via email, and then in the post. Yes we mix old and new communication methods to get the best chance of converting the lead to a Customer. A lot of time customers browse around trades websites, but with our service you are likely to be the first business that the Customer actually calls.

Sounds good. Tell me more!

All leads are sold at a price relative to the job and should only be bought after you have an email confirmation from Taskaway. Please note that Taskaway may not be the only channel that they customer is using to search for a supplier. Therefore if you are contacted by the Taskaway Team please act quickly to give yourself the best chance of securing the job.

There are 3 different prices for leads, they are priced dependant on the urgency of the job, as well as the estimated value of the job. Please only pay through the links below after you have received email confirmation from Taskaway directly.

If you have any questions or for more information please contact the Taskaway team on 07999533314.