How to install a USB socket

There is no doubt how useful and practical a USB socket is. Many of us now have extensions which offer USB ports. However why not go the full stretch and convert some of your sockets in strategic parts of your house?

How to install a USB socket
DIY USB sockets

Difficulty installing USB sockets?

Many of us think that it is difficult. They look complicated and advanced. However installing a USB socket is quite easy. We have teamed up with Electricians Electrical Installationz to offer a step by step guide on installing these USB sockets. This can be found here: A step by step guide to installing USB sockets.

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Tips for Tumble Dryer Safety

Tumble Dryers can be dangerous

Tumble dryers can be very dangerous. You may have heard of dryers catching fire over the last few years, and this is with major trusted brands too!

Electrical Installationz operate in the West Midlands area and are experts on Electrical Safety in the home. They have provided a great article on safety on purchasing and using tumble dryers. The full article can be found here


The Non-DIY Generation

If you are my age you already know what I’m talking about. If you have any kids my age they will have already asked you for help to do some tasks that you’d describe as basic.¬†There was a time where life was simpler, things were a lot slower, and many people took up DIY as a hobbie.

Proud customer who says NO to DIY.

This time period i’m mentioning is a thing of the past. Many home owners these days don’t want the hassle of tiling their kitchen, or even putting up a shelf. Its not that they are lazy, in some of the cases at least. Its just that they want to spend their time doing other things. Things that are cool. Most home owners these days don’t find fixing a burst pipe, or even slotting in some new laminate floor as cool. They want to get out the house, hang out with friends, read some books, or do anything else!

Homeowners are now moving to apps like Taskaway. Which allow you to browse through local Tradespeople, and book them through your phone. And they are loving it because its simple to use.

We are interested to hear from other home owners or anyone who is still doing DIY. Feel free to get in touch.