How to install a USB socket

There is no doubt how useful and practical a USB socket is. Many of us now have extensions which offer USB ports. However why not go the full stretch and convert some of your sockets in strategic parts of your house?

How to install a USB socket
DIY USB sockets

Difficulty installing USB sockets?

Many of us think that it is difficult. They look complicated and advanced. However installing a USB socket is quite easy. We have teamed up with Electricians Electrical Installationz to offer a step by step guide on installing these USB sockets. This can be found here: A step by step guide to installing USB sockets.

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Lighting ideas for your bedroom

In the day you want a light bedroom. In the evening you may want a light bedroom still. At night you want a dark bedroom. In the early hours of the morning you may want a dark bedroom, but this last scenario is personal choice. This article gives tips on bedroom lighting.


Lighting controls with smart phone

Get up to date with the new technology. The technology is there to make our lives easier. It’s the middle of the night and the baby wakes up. A swipe of your phone could get the lights on for you without you having to move out of the bed! There are numerous scenarios where smart phone lighting comes in handy. So consider this option.

Consider LED Spotlights

Spotlight LEDs ensure that the whole room is lit evenly if implemented effectively. LEDs are an efficient way to illuminate your room and you can purchase them in the majority of furniture shops or supermarkets. However sometimes LEDs can be difficult to replace in comparison to the standard bulbs that you just have to unscrew. Nevertheless LEDs are an important option to consider.

Think about the Novels

You may read every day. Or you may hardly read at all. But there comes a time in everyone’s life when they come across a novel that they can’t put down. You get into your bed and you have no choice but to continue reading. You are too excited and are enjoying it too much. Think about these situations when choosing your lights. Get something that is easy to switch off and that gives you enough light without you having to strain your eyes.

Be You

Don’t forget that it’s your bedroom. This is your personal space. This is the area of the house which is totally private. So be yourself. If there is something wacky that you would like then go with something wacky. Don’t be anyone but yourself in this circumstance. It’s important that in your bedroom you can feel relaxed and you have a clear sense of ownership.

Tips for preventing and treating clothes moths

We’ve all had clothes with moths in before. It’s not nice and there are things you can do to treat them. This article lists 5 easy tips for preventing and treating clothes moths.

  1. Lavender

Clothes moths really hate lavender. There is the first and best tip! Get on to the lavender craze. It’s a great way of preventing clothes moths. There are different products you can get but start with one at least and see how it goes!


  1. Pheromone traps

Animals are animals. Insects are insects. These moths are attracted to pheromones so you can use that to your advantage. Capture them in sticky pheromone traps. Then you just pass by with the vacuum cleaner and pat yourself on the back.

  1. Wood or laminate flooring

Wood and laminate flooring is a lot cleaner. Less area for the moths to hide. Easier to spot dust in general. Then you sweep and mop the floor after. Obviously don’t put tonnes of water on it but enough to get rid of the dust. This will help prevent the moths from hanging around. Also less dust is always better.

  1. Replace your wardrobe with chain mail and suits of armor

Moths can’t eat metal. So many moth fighters are going down the route of metal wardrobes. Listen I didn’t want to put this one in, because I like my classic wardrobes. However a lot of people are doing this so now you know!

  1. Vacuum storage bags

Everyone should know about vacuum storage bags. You fill these bags with clothes you don’t use very often then use a special vacuum to suck all the air out. It shrinks the contents and stops the moths from coming in.

  1. Sprays

Obviously you can spray! Come on guys do I need to tell you this! Actually pointing out the obvious is important. However we don’t want to be spraying our house all day every day. So try the above first before using spray to get rid of the moths.


A guide to garden water features

Whether it is warm or cold outside I look in my garden and I am proud of my water feature. In fact, I am very proud. The slight patter of the water as it hits the surface, it acts as a mirror to the sun. And also it attracts a lot of wildlife, giving m garden a lot of character. I’ve worked with many homeowners over the years and it appears that more and more people are realizing the benefits of a water feature now more than ever.

But with anything in life diving in is not always the best answer. In this article we give you a few points to consider when planning out your water feature.waterFeature2

Water feature safety

Safety first is always key. So think about who will be using your garden. Do you have small children or toddlers? If so maybe it’s best to wait a couple of years until they are old enough to understand the dangers. Does your next door neighbor have any small children? If so this may not be a factor stopping you from implementing a water feature, however you may want to speak to your neighbor just in case the kids decide to wander over!

You can use a fence as a control and this is what the majority of people do. And also another option is to use a fence. Otherwise maybe if you go for something like a bubble fountain it may be a less risky option.

Choosing a featurewaterFeature

It’s not always straight forward when choosing a water feature. This is something you don’t want to rush. Sometimes the idea may come to your head straight away. For others it may take months of research and conversations with the wife or husband. A goof gardener can help you decide, especially from a practical perspective. Generally it comes down to taste and style, however there are other practical things you must know. For instance, the size and types of filter you may need, and how deep to dig. The list goes on, get a gardeners advice!

Pond maintenance

waterefeature3Most water features generally don’t require a lot of maintenance. However if you have a pond it’s slightly a different story. The more fish you have the more quickly your pond will become dirty. It’s good to have a clean pond in general. Doing small things such as using a skimmer to remove the leaves and cleaning the filter will determine how often you need to clean it. Keeping plants in the waters should save you some cleaning as they compete with the algae for sunlight.

The Non-DIY Generation

If you are my age you already know what I’m talking about. If you have any kids my age they will have already asked you for help to do some tasks that you’d describe as basic. There was a time where life was simpler, things were a lot slower, and many people took up DIY as a hobbie.

Proud customer who says NO to DIY.

This time period i’m mentioning is a thing of the past. Many home owners these days don’t want the hassle of tiling their kitchen, or even putting up a shelf. Its not that they are lazy, in some of the cases at least. Its just that they want to spend their time doing other things. Things that are cool. Most home owners these days don’t find fixing a burst pipe, or even slotting in some new laminate floor as cool. They want to get out the house, hang out with friends, read some books, or do anything else!

Homeowners are now moving to apps like Taskaway. Which allow you to browse through local Tradespeople, and book them through your phone. And they are loving it because its simple to use.

We are interested to hear from other home owners or anyone who is still doing DIY. Feel free to get in touch.