First thing to mention is that unlike other online platforms WE DO NOT CHARGE OUR MEMBERS FOR LEADS. All our leads are free to Tradespeople who have subscribed. Also if you are interested in learning how to market your business to get more customers then please follow this link.

Please note that we don’t discriminate. Anyone can download the Taskaway app for free here. We don’t charge for leads that are posted on the app so its worth doing now. You can also sign up to our network for free here. We share information which can help you with your trade.

The below is for Tradespeople who want to stand out from the crowd and push their business further. This is in the form of the “100% Verified” status.

Verification means that we have executed a comprehensive background check on you and the service(s) you are offering through Taskaway. This gives new customers confidence when browsing through your profile. There are many customers who will only go with a “100% Verified”. The logo is evidence that you have successfully completed all our checks.

Please note that if you offer more than one service you must apply for “100% Verified” status separately for each service. For instance, if you are a plumber which also provides electrician services, you must apply to be verified as a Plumber AND as an Electrician.

Our Checking Procedure

  • A list of five customers that you have done work for recently. We will speak to them to check the information, and to help us ascertain whether you are a trustworthy supplier.
  • We will need Copies of any Trade Association you are members of.
  • We will need to access your Credit Report to check your identity, CCJ’s and bankruptcy.
  • We will need a copy of your Public Liability Insurance
  • Finally we will need a face to face meeting

As a Verified Tradesperson you will benefit from:

  • Stand out on our Iphone Application to attract much more customers
  • No charge for any leads attained through our channels
  • A dedicated page advertising your services on our website
  • Our team will support to resolve any disputes you have from customers obtained through our channels
  • 30 mins free consultation on how to market yourself online

Whether you are interested in becoming a verified member or not, please join our Network free of charge here.